Timanfaya National Park

The area occupied by the park arises from the violent volcanic eruptions that occurred during the years 1730-1736, over six consecutive years, and later, in the 19th century, mainly in the year 1824.

Montañas del Fuego (the “Fire Mountains”)

In the interior of this National Park can be found the chain of volcanoes that have produced the biggest eruptions, and which are collectively known as the “Montañas del Fuego”.

Once within the “Montañas del Fuego”, the sensation is of being in a startling and unforgettable landscape. The first point that we visit is the “Islote de Hilario”, a place where the underground temperature is 140ºC at a depth of just 10 cm. Here the visitor can participate in different geothermal experiments, as well as seeing the artificial geysers produced by tubes in the ground when cold water is thrown in them.

On the “Islote de Hilario”, the artist César Manrique designed the Restaurant “El Diablo” (“the Devil”) which has a natural oven dug into the mountain where many of the dishes on the menu are cooked.

The Islote de Hilario is the starting point of the Ruta de Los Volcanes (Volcanoes Route). This is a tour that offers the chance to see the most interesting places in the Park. Specially adapted buses take the visitor on a 14 km trip through the most geologically interesting volcanic areas with spectacular landscapes. During the visit the numerous volcanic alignments, lava tongues, hornitos and volcanic tubes that exist in the Park can be seen. 

 Location Properties recommendations:

Camel Ride. The “echadero de camellos” is located some 2 km from the entrance to the Montañas del Fuego. Here you can participate in a pleasant camel ride. Opening times: 09:00 to 16:00.

Routes through the park. You can follow guided walking routes through the Parque Nacional de Timanfaya, all departing from the Visitors’ Centre.

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