La Geria


La Geria Protected Landscape- WINE IN LANZAROTE

La Geria covers a wide area in central Lanzarote, occupied in part by recent lava flows from the 1730-36 eruptions, among which can be seen volcanic cones of various heights

The most distinctive uses of the space are the vineyards that take advantage of the lapilli to retain humidity to favor growth. This is a deeply rooted traditional practice in the culture of Lanzarote, and its continued existence relies on economic support to contribute to improving profitability.

Various villages are located in the area, and associated with them are traditional vegetable gardens. A network of tracks and tarmacked roads connects the villages with those of the surrounding areas and makes it possible to explore the protected area. Along the way you will find several bodegas (wineries) where you can sample the wines of the area.

The cultivation of grapes in Lanzarote is unique to this part of the world, conserving the primordial characteristics of a procedure that enables these scorched and barren lands to produce a refined, generous wine, a child of the lava, as strong as a volcano, and protected under the ash that is responsible for hoarding every drop of dew, so valuable in a land without springs.

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