North César Manrique Cabrera


César Manrique Cabrera (1919–1992) born in Arrecife, was a painter, sculptor, architect, and artist. The beauty of nature made Manrique return to Lanzarote in 1966. In Haría, a northerly agricultural valley (valley of a thousand palm trees), he found an old farmhouse which he began to convert in 1986 and turn it into his quiet home in harmony with nature. Today it is a museum and has been preserved as it was when he left it. “For me Lanzarote was the most beautiful place in the world. That's why I decided to show everyone the beauty of Lanzarote ”, César Manrique shaped Lanzarote and emphasized this uniqueness.

In 1993, one year after his death, UNESCO awarded Lanzarote the title of Biosphere Reserve.

In his landscape work in Jameos del Agua, a very special cave, Cesar Manrique combined creative work with aesthetic ideology, as art in nature.

The extraordinary panorama windows in the Mirador del Río create a breath taking view of volcanic rocks, the sea, and the reflection of the sky.

The cactus garden Jardin de Cactus in Guatiza was Cesar Manrique's last work, it became a special place for cacti from all over the world in which the volcanic landscape with its prickly arrangement advanced to a harmonious art.

The island of Lanzarote was the greatest work of art by César Manrique.

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